Pentland Precision are proud to be a trusted ‘one-stop-shop’ supplier for many of our customers – with our in-house skills we can develop from the design prototype, through production, and on to the final high quality product delivered to the customer.

Pentland Precision can take on the full Project Management role if required, including liaison between the customer, customer’s partners, and suppliers. For larger volume orders we have the capability to establish multiple assembly lines to ensure production with minimum down time, and flexibility to switch and scale as required.

Our manufacturing services are supplemented by our local finishing facility, and rigorous Quality Control procedures are applied to ensure all completed and shipped assemblies are ready for the customer’s installation and use. This facility is available to all our customers as a stand-alone service if required.

Services offered include:

• Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
• Process Control Systems
• Hydraulics Assemblies

• Stove Enamel Wet Painting
• Stove Low Bake Powder Coating
• 2pac Polyurethane for Plastic and Fibre Glass
• Epoxy Polyester and Polyester Finishes
• Sandblasting Aluminium and Steel Beams